Questions about the label and label-artists

1. Do you listen to demos?
Yes! All of them!

Please send it as MP3 (with min. 128 kb, not less) to the following mail-address: jens@yawa-recordings.de.

3. When do I get an answer to my demo?
We listen to the tracks as fast as the daily work allows. Normally you get an answer from us in a few days.

4. Can I get an autograph of artist XYZ?
We only send out autographs of Jens O. / The Real Booty Babes. For autographs of other YAWA-artists, please send your request to the artist. You can easily find the homepages in our Partner-section.

Please send your booking-requests ONLY per mail to the folowing address: jens@yawa-recordings.de. Please write in all the details like your party-concept, -name, disco, date etc. We will either answer directly (for Real Booty Babes, Rave Allstars, Jens O.) or forward your request to the artist.

6. Does YAWA have a promo-pool for DJs?
No, YAWA Recordings has no DJ-pool and does not send out any records, MP3s or CDs besides the YAWA shop. There are only few promotion activities for limited YAWA-releases that will be executed by external promotion companies.

7. Does YAWA have a promo-pool for radios / internet radios?
No, YAWA Recordings has no radio-pool and does not send out any records, MP3s or CDs besides the YAWA shop. There are only few promotion activities for limited YAWA-releases that will be executed by external promotion companies.

8. Can I remix a YAWA-release??
YAWA Recordings orders a remix only when it fits in the marketing- and release-plans. There are no further remixes necessary.

Please send your request to jens@yawa-recordings.de or cathleen@yawa-recordings.de.

Tuft-rise up

10. Do I have to set up a user account?
To place an order in the YAWA Shop, you need a user account. Also for further orders, you have to use your user account.

11. Protection of your data
YAWA Recordings GmbH takes the protection of personal data very seriously. We are taking care of your personal data according to the regulations of the Federal Law for Data Protection.

12. Use of the data
Your personal data will only be used for executing your orders. There is no further use (e.g. for advertising purposes) without your agreement.

13. Use of the data in the context of the user account
We will also need further data from you for security reasons and for the correct completion of our service. We insure that we will only use this data for the execution of the service that you ordered.

14. Data security principles
Our customers can receive at any time report over range and purpose of the data processing. If you gave permission for using your data for advertising purposes, it can be cancelled at any time. As you wish, your personal data can also be corrected, blocked or deleted at any time.

15. SSL coding – Security with the on-line purchase
In order to protect your personal data, we only use certificated and checked coding techniques. Your personal data will be coded and transmitted (for third not observably) only to our server by SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

16. What does SSL coding mean?
When you enetr our SSL-secured site, your browser will check our server certificate. On the basis of our transferred information your browser can identify that it is connected with the right server. If the identification is successful, your personal data will be transmitted over the Internet with a safe 128-bit-coding.

17. How do I recognize SSL coding?
For all of your sensitive data inputs we use the SSL coding. During your safe connection a lock-symbol appears in your Internet browser and your URL-address changes from “http” in “https”. It indicates that the connection is definitely safe.

18. Which currencies are accepted by YAWA Recordings?
We accept MasterCard and VISA cards
via Worldpay and PayPal.

19. The order procedure

1. Step – product selection:
Product selection finalized? Head over to your shopping cart and click on the button “cash”. If you are not logged in, please choose if you want to log in or (in case you order for the first time in the YAWA shop) if you want to set up your new user account.

2. Step – input address data:
If you are not a registered customer in the YAWA shop, please fill in all requested data in the form and set up your personal user account by clicking “Continue”. If you order and register for the first time, you will be logged out due to safety reasons after successful registration. The items will be saved in your shopping cart so that you can proceed your order directly after a new log in.
If you are already registered and logged in, please check your personal data. If everything is fine, go on by clicking the “Cash”-button.

3. Step – terms of shipment and payment:
Select the terms of shipment (except for Downloads), click “Continue” – and select the terms of payment and “Continue” again.

4. Step – Checking the shopping cart:
Please again check the ordered items, the terms of shipment and payment. Please also verify that you read and agreed to our Terms of Use. Proceed by clicking “Continue”.

5. Step – completing your order / beginning of payment transaction
You will now be transferred to the coded sites of  WorldPay / PayPal. Please note that your shopping cart with all included items can not be changed anymore. Please fill in all requested data that  WorldPay / PayPal need to complete the payment transaction. After completing the form,  WorldPay / PayPal will check your data and -after a positive response- debit the amount from your credit card. Your order and all necessairy information will be transferred into our system. You will be transferred back to the YAWA homepage an can go on surfing the site.

20. Do I get a confirmation for the order and transaction?
After successful order you will receive a transaction confirmation email from  WorldPay / PayPal and an order confirmation email from YAWA Recordings.

21. Which data do we get concerning your order?
Please note that only your bank has access to all of your credit card data. During the transaction  WorldPay identifies your card number, the check digit of your credit card and your address.  WorldPay informs us if the order can be proceeded. By positive response we only receive the only following information:

• your name
• address
• telephone
• ordered items

We insure strictly confidential handling as specified by our data protection regulations.

Your credit card can not be debited by us several times. You can change or cancel your order this way: send your change or cancellation a.s.s.p. and by email to store@yawa-recordings.de. Please in any case add the transaction ID number and your order number so that we can assign your changes to your order.

23. When will the ordered articles be sent?
YAWA Recordings will send the ordered items as soon as we receive your payment.